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Even After Rate Adjustments, Consumers Still Paying More for Electricity

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If it feels like you’re paying your utility more for electricity, that’s because you are.


Most electric distribution companies (EDCs) in Pennsylvania adjusted their electric generation prices on June 1 for non-shopping, or default service, customers.


In the short term, it’s a mixed bag, with some base rates rising and others falling.


Over the long-term, however, the picture is clear: Even after this latest round of rate adjustments, consumers are still paying more to power their homes and businesses.


Here’s a look at adjusted power prices over the last few years:

An image of a toy house next to a list of energy rate increases from Pennsylvania utility companies

The rates that non-shopping (default service) customers pay utilities for electricity have jumped between 25% and 176% since December 2020.


Fortunately, in Pennsylvania, you have a choice.


Commonwealth consumers have had the option of choosing their electric service provider for more than 25 years. Energy choice gives consumers more convenience and control, and it can generate real savings for your home or business.


According to an analysis by My Energy Choice, there were 798 retail supply offers available across Pennsylvania, and 382 of those offers were cheaper than the default utility rate you’re paying now.


That’s good to know, because with summer temperatures expected to break records this year, so are electric bills.


U.S. electricity bills are forecast to reach new heights, jumping 7.9% to total $719 from June through September. That average is up from $661 over the same four-month stretch last year, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) and the Center for Energy Poverty, and Climate (CEPC).


But price is only part of the equation.


Energy choice also gives consumers more options to shop among a wider range of products and services that bring higher value propositions, or that empower you to help guide Pennsylvania’s clean energy future. Many customers, for example, may want 100% renewable energy and are willing to pay for it.


My Energy Choice’s analysis shows 311 retail supply offers of 100% renewable energy, and 183 of those 100% renewable offerings are cheaper than the default utility rate.


With these recent rate changes and with the expected higher electricity usage that’s typical during the summer months, now is the perfect time to review your electric bills, understand your rates, and explore all available options to save on energy costs and pick the plan that’s right for your home or business.


The choice is yours.

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